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Our Procedures



Care of your property begins on day one as our associates carefully unload materials at the job site.

Shingle Removal

When we begin a job, we complete each section of your roof that is torn off to ensure that you stay dry overnight when unforecasted wind and storms may occur. In the event that we are unable to complete a section that day, a tarp will be used for overnight protection. Some companies, as pictured to the right, remove the entire roof and merely rely on stapled on underlayment keeping you dry overnight. Underlayment, when wet, ripples and that allows wind to peel it off easier as illustrated.

Attention To Detail

Our attention to detail is what sets us apart from other companies as shown here with the use of aluminum drip edge, metal valley and shingled corners.

Creative Solutions

Here we transformed a deteriorating masonry chimney that needed to be completely rebuilt using wood siding, cedar trim boards, and a metal cap. A beautiful and lasting solution that was within the customer’s budget.

Ice Dams

Ask us how we can protect your home from ice dams that goes above and beyond what building code requires. For more information on ice dams.

Gutter Guards

Have your expensive gutter guards failed? Ask us what we recommend in keeping your gutters from getting clogged.
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